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Thank you for all you have done for me. Before I received your product I was really hurting and ready to give up. I have been to many doctors including those at the emergency room and none of them could really help me like your product did. After only 3 days of using your product I started to see a big difference, then as time went by it was totally better.

Thank you so much,




I just have to tell you about how your eczema cream has worked it's "miracle" for us.  My daughter broke out with eczema at just a few weeks old.  We have spent the last eight months trying everything we can to get the symptoms under control.  You name it, and we've probably tried it.  She had horrible sores on her face, neck and hands.  Sleeping was a nightmare- basically, we didn't get any!  The sores got infected, they bled and I dreaded going out because of the people that would stare or comment.  Then I came across your website.  The pictures looked so much like what my daughter was suffering with- I thought I had nothing to lose by just trying it.  By the end of the first day of using the cream, I began to see a difference.  After a couple of days, she began to sleep better and by the end of the week, her face was completely healed up!  I have been waiting to write just to see if the effects would last, but it has been a month now and her eczema has stayed under control!  I am so grateful to you for putting this on the market.  It has brought peace to me, to our daughter- to our whole household!  Thank you, thank you!

You definitely have my permission to use this testimony on your website along with the pictures I have attached to show what a dramatic effect the Freederm cream has had on my daughter.  I hope it will encourage anyone else who is suffering to give the cream a go.  What do you have to lose?

Thanks again- I'll be ordering some more!!

Jenny PLondon UK



I'm a 20 year old female who's been using "Free DermHC" for two months and what can I say my hands are clear of dermatitis/eczema after a long and agonizing year of going to see specialists and doctors every week. I've had skin test after skin test and still no result and because of my dermatitis/eczema I had to end my nursing career last December.  My hands have been so bad that my Mum and Dad's had to feed me because my hands have been so swollen I couldn't pick things up and they've also had to bath me because I couldn't bare to get my hands wet, hot or cold.  As you can see in the pictures attached what "Free DermHC's" done for me.  I would 100% guarantee "Free DermHC" no matter how minor or major your skin problem and "Free DermHC" creams been the best ever present mums bought me.

Kim - Marie ,

Nottingham, UK)



Never before have I been so excited about the prospect of using an eczema cream!  After reading the testimonials and seeing the improvement in other sufferers, I decided to try it for myself. With five days until my wedding, I used the cream dutifully and to my enormous relief my skin cleared up completely! No specialists, dermatologists or doctors could suggest anything to heal my skin. I even spent five nights in hospital with eczema-related complications, but as you see in the 'before and after' shots, my skin is clearer than it has been in five years. 

Thank you.




These are before and after pictures of my grandson.  He was born with eczema and there is no telling how many prescriptions we have used to no avail.  The medicine would clear it up after many applications, but as soon as we quit putting the prescription on it would come right back.  And I might add the medicine was very expensive.  I ran across your website and thought why not give this a try and am I glad I did.  As you can see in the picture he is completely free of the eczema.  My daughter and son in law are so grateful. 

Thank you so much.




I was troubled with a bad eczema episode, it was on my arms, face, chest and some on my legs. I tried the product and the itchiness went away. As you can see my arm is healed and the rest of my body is almost healed. I am happy with the results and would recommend it to anyone who has a problem with eczema.

Thank you again!




A happy baby & delightful parents after just 7 days. Now others who asked what had happened before asked it again and ended it with, “Her skin is better now!”  My 9 month old daughter's body had red eczema flare ups and patches all over, but after the application of Freederm HC, the patches lightened right up and became clear and most of all her skin is smooth now.

Thank you to Freederm HC

Elizabeth (Singapore)




I have been meaning to drop you a line and include these photos of my daughter.  She has had a nagging case (thank goodness not as severe as some of your other clients) of eczema for quite some time.  She gets in on her tummy and upper thighs.  The pediatrician prescribed a cream that had no effect at all.  We tried that religiously for about 5-6 months without improvement. 

As summer was approaching and she wanted to wear two piece bathing suits....her friends would all point and say ewww, what's that???  I ordered your product as a desperate attempt to help her.  It was better in only a day or two....and continually improved until it was virtually gone!   She calls it 'her miracle' ! 

We thank you!

Pamela Dixon
Mountain Top, PA


Thank you for sending me the truly "miracle" cream, that has taken care of my problem.

Thank you,

David Dickson



I am writing to say a BIG THANK YOU for finally giving us a product that works for my son's eczema.

He  always had a few dry patches on his feet as a baby which we managed to keep under control but on returning from a holiday in America this year his whole body flared up and endless sleepless nights followed. I am happy to say that within 2 days of using your creams/soap his skin had made a dramatic improvement and i have attached 2 before and after shots of his back and head/face.

We are still getting the odd interrupted night of sleep but now it is down to Jack just being a toddler rather than being in pain through endless scratching and irritability.

Before i stumbled across your website (after entering just eczema in the search field) I had been given many hydrocortisone creams/ointments and emulsifying ointments - some of which just made his skin worse. It truly broke my heart to see him suffer and everyone had commented, even his daycare, on how quiet and within himself he had become. Now he is full of beans and back to the boisterous Jack we all know and love.

THANKS YOU  once again - good luck for any future products and I will be recommending this product to all i know.

And lastly - i live in England and the speed of your delivery was second to none - ordered on a Friday morning, received it on Wednesday following. Excellent service to go with an excellent product.

Carol Evans



Thank you!  That's all I can say.  I have suffered with eczema for 24years, since I was 12 months old.  I am now a mother of a healthy and eczema free 10 month old boy but if he ever develops eczema, which comes from my side of the family, I know that now he will never suffer like I have.  He will always know relief is just a few hours away!  Thank you so much, words can not express how grateful I am.   I do not have any before and after pictures, frankly because I didn't think the cream would work, boy was I wrong.  I have been to so many dermatologists and doctors in the past 24 years, why isn't this cream in every office?  It needs to be.

Thank you again

Kelly Holmes

Clear and soft skin for the first time in years!!!

Dear FreeDerm HC;

I was very doubtful about your product, even after I bought it.  In the back of my mind I was thinking "This will be a waste of time".  I was so wrong!  My daughter Faith gets eczema all over, and after the first application  she stopped itching!  I couldn't believe I was still doubting in my mind, but as I kept using your product the eczema disappeared along with all doubts for sure.  The first time wasn't just a fluke thing.  I can't remember the last time she has looked so good, and no itching!!  My stress level has decreased tremendously!  Thank you so much for my sanity back.  This product is an answer from God, and would recommend it to anyone with mild or severe eczema!  Thanks again

Trudy Howe



< After

I just wanted to say thank you for your miracle product!  My baby was diagnosed with baby eczema at 4 weeks old and as soon as I got home from the doctor's office, I did some research on the internet to see if there were any products made especially for babies.  When I saw the testimonials and pictures for FreeDerm, I was floored and ordered immediately. I don't have a picture of Lia at her worst (I was so embarrassed for her) - but here is one right before we went to the doctor, followed by a recent pic of her.  We use the cream daily and were amazed to see overnight results on her red, dry, oozing skin.  I don't know what I would do without this product now!   

I have winter eczema and have used it on myself as well.  Since I have sensitive skin - after seeing how well it worked on Lia, I decided to try it myself.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone battling eczema.  Your pictures speak for themselves - and so does Lia's (below).  Please feel free to use this and the pics on your website.

Thank you,

Keri and Liana Samolis

New York



To whom it may concern, 

Lucy has suffered form eczema since she was 10 weeks old.  We have struggled stopping her scratching her face and traumatising it further.  We resorted to splinting her arms overnight but she still slept poorly due to the itching.  The medical profession were of no assistance.  In desperation I ordered some of your cream on the internet and assured my husband that this was the LAST remedy I would try.  When the cream arrived I applied it to the cheeks and within a short while I could see that they were not as itchy.  We left the splints off a few nights later to find in the morning that she had not scratched her face.  The photos speak for themselves.  She is now free of eczema on the face and has only a small patch behing her right knee which is still improving.  She is now eight months and we are so rapt to have found something to finally take away the itch and discofort of eczema.  Thanks a million. 

Michael & Alison Van Der Arend


Before (above)


After (below)


Hello from New Zealand,

I bought your cream for my daughter. She suffers from eczema that can appear anywhere on her body but, most distressingly for a teenager, on her neck. As you can see from the before and after photos included with this email, her excema has almost completely cleared up. It looked better from the first day she applied your cream, was cleared up within two weeks, and now, months later, she only needs to apply the eczema treatment cream occasionally to keep the excema away. She is naturally thrilled with the results and has stopped hiding her neck away behind a scarf.

Thank you very much - we are both very grateful.
Karen Upton



Hello, My name is Irene Espinoza.  My son Artuo (10 yrs. old) was diagnosed with skin eczema about a month ago.  At first the skin on his hands started itching and peeling. It seemed very dry.  When I first took him to the doctor, the doctor said that he had an allergice reaction to something.  He prescribed some RX.  2 or 3 days later I realized that his knees and elbows were also peeling, not to mention itching.  His skin looked somewhat red and irritated.  I took him to the doctor once again and another RX was prescribed.  I never really have time to check out the internet but that night I tried it.  With God's guidance, It didn't take long to find your website and  I read over the information available. I was not familar with eczema.  Never heard about it, however it was helpful to see the different photos and effects.  By that time my son's feet and ankle were also peeling.  I ordered the "FreeDerm" medicine and it worked wonders.  In no time at all, the condition was clearing up.  It was comforting to know that the medicine was working and it was controlling the dryness. 

I am not one to order over the internet but in this case I had no choice.  I gave it a try and it was worth it.  Thank you so much for having this medicine available and at an affordable cost.  Your website is informative, easy to find, and even for a clueless person like me, I was able to find it without any difficulty.

My son is well now and I have kept this medicine for future use.  I sent the "before" and "after" photos for your use.  I realize how true it is, this is a miracle medicine.

Thank you and May God Bless you.


To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing on behalf of my daughter who is 2 years old. She eczema was so bad that she would scratch herself raw and draw blood. She would cry at night, because it hurt her so bad, and she was unable to sleep. I tired all the creams that her doctor gave us as well as the creams that the dermatologist gave us. None of the creams to include steroids worked. I was crying at night, because there was nothing that I could do to give my daughter relief!

    My cousin and I were researching some information the computer one day, and when we typed in ECZEMA, this website loaded. I was VERY skeptical.  So, I emailed you guys and asked why. First to my surprise, you emailed me back, within an hour and informed me about the price of being a part of the BBB. After speaking with my husband and watching my daughter cry, for another hour, I said to myself, what do I have to lose?

    After I ordered just one jar of cream, to see how it works. After the second time of putting the cream on, she stopped scratching, like a dog with fleas, and started laughing and playing. I applied the cream for 3 days straight, 3 times a day. My daughter is a TOTALLY different child now! She doesn't not scratch herself, all the time to bring blood to the surface of her skin nor does she cry all the time! I cannot believe what a life saver this product is! My 2 year old daughter can enjoy her terrible two stage without the worries of scratching herself to bring blood to her skin! She is so much happier as is the rest of the family!

    Thank you just so VERY much for this life saver!! I would recommend this product to ANYONE that has eczema! It will really change your life!

Thank you again,


Just a quick message to say what a fantasic product you have. It has kept away my facial eczema for the last 9 months after suffering more or less for 20 years.
I have had no outbreaks since I started using Freederm and I intend to keep ordering as long as your product is available


Dave Barnish



I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your product.  My 3 year old son Tallon can finally live.  He has had eczema since he was 6 months old and hardly ever slept through the night.  He even has dreams about a scratchy monster.  I have bought and tried every lotion and prescription cream that I thought would help him.  We have been to Children’s Mercy Hospital to a Dermatologist and still nothing really got better.  It used to be only on his arms, legs and neck.  Then it moved to his scalp. Tallon was miserable itching his head all the time.   I was searching the internet and found your web site.  After reading the testimonials, I thought what do I have to lose?  I have spent thousands of dollars on anything I could think that would help him. I felt helpless in this fight.   Thanks to your product, my son doesn’t have to take benedryl every night just to let him sleep.  After using your product, he actually sleeps through the night and is a more active child not being on benedryl 24-7.  I took before and after pictures but they did not turn out.  I just wanted to stay THANK YOU and I will continue buying, I am on my 3rd purchase today.  I can not express my appreciation to you about how it has changed his life and mine also.

Faithful Customer,

Kim and Tallon Privat

I just want to say this product the cream, and the soup works wonders. I could not believe how good this cream worked.  My baby had eczema from his second month of birth and now it doesn't even look like he ever had it.  No rashes had yet showed up since I started to use the cream, though I fear it to show up on his face and feet again I'll never know because I won't stop using the product to find out.  I even use it for myself it's gotten rid of my pimples and has my face looking clear also.  I just wanted to say thank you and if I run into anyone with skin problems I WILL be sure to inform them about your product because it works great.  Again thank you so much, thank you.

Mrs.Trinity Williams
and Baby Omarion my son

Okinawa, Japan

Dear Staff,

The night before I found your website, I prayed to God to banish this awful skin disease from my daughter.  Kayla's eczema was located around her eyes, forehead, sides of her nose, chin, neck, the left knee, and hand. I just received the Eczema/Dermatitis and Moisturizer cream Sept. 25th and applied immediatey, sorry I didn't take before and after pictures.  Sept. 26th I awakened to look at my 7 year old's face and wept tears of joy.  The sides of her nose and forehead was now almost smooth skin, the small patch of eczema on her chin cleared. Thank you for giving my daughter  back her self-esteem. I will be ordering the soap also. May God bless this company and staff.  I also failed to mention we are African-American, to dispel any doubters.  I will spread the word. 


Lisa Jefferson 

This is a note to let you know that the Freederm HC Cream I ordered from you did the job.  I am a Diabetic and I have had a rash on my legs from my ankles to my knees for over two years.  I have tried everything from Droctor Perscribed to over the counter to get relief.  The rash was bad enough but the itching was the worse.  I came across your product on the internet and thought what the heck.  Well I want you to know that it not only stoped the itching on the spot but the rash is gone as well.  It took a couple of weeks, but for the first time in two years I am free.  I want you to know that I tell anyone that will listen to me about your product. 

Again, thank you very much !!!!!

Jackie Blankenship

THANK YOU for this product.  My four month old son had dry, cracked, skin on his scalp, forehead and neck.  Everynight before he went to sleep he would
scratch at his head constantly breaking the brittle skin, causing blood to run.  I would clip his fingernails almost daily, making sure they were short so he couldn't tear his skin, but it didn't help.  NOTHING over the counter worked.  I tried EVERYTHING!!!  I tried olive oil, Baby Magic (lotions), Johnson and Johnsons (lotions), Aveeno bath products and lotions, Cocoa Butter, Baby Oil, and even an over-the counter eczema cream from Walmart.  EVEN DOCTORS COULDN'T help my son.  They didn't know what it was.  I did some research on the internet and found Freederm's website.  I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!  The pictures on the website of those babies with eczema looked just like my son.  I ORDERED FIVE MINUTES LATER AFTER WHAT I READ FROM ALL OF THE OTHER PARENTS.  YOU HAVE NOTHING to lose!  There is a money back guarantee.  If I had to stand by ANY product I have ever bought, it would be this product.  IT WORKS!!!  I PERSONALLY PROMISE YOU WILL GET YOUR MONIES WORTH!!!  This isn't a gag, and no one paid me to say this.  Thank you Freederm for your help!!!  You saved me and my little baby son.  I don't have to watch him suffer ANYMORE!!!

Jessica Tipton

P.S.  I will tell anyone I can about this product, and you definitely have my business for life.

Thank You! Thank You!

I have had eczema for about 14 years and this year it was the worst its ever been. My hands have been so painful i havent even been able to have a shower
as they were sore, dry and itchy when i got out. My sister found your website and was encouraged to see the photos of people in the same situation as me. I had begun to dispair and was fed up with having to use steroid creams that just seemed to make my eczema worse.  I didnt notice an instant improvement , but i did have a severe bout of  eczema. But have to say that after a few weeks my hands were starting to look normal. After a month they are now soft again and i can use them without pain and life has some normality again. I still have proplem spots but the Freederm keeps it under control.

Thank you again for a wonderful product, i shall certainly be recommending this to anyone i come accross with eczema.

Sammi Clarke


I ordered this off of internet last week sometime, I used this for about 2 days and i already saw dramatic results.  I have suffered from eczema for the last year severely.  I tried all kinds of ointments, creams, pills, nothing would help.  They said Elidel was suppose to be the best for eczema, its not, this is.  I would like to thank you all so much, I have it on my right hand, i deal with people all day so it was really embarrassing to let people see this cracked bloody hands.  I used to bandage it up even though your not suppose to because i  was embarrassed.  This FreeDerm really does work, i cant believe it.  I just wanted to try it because i saw all the pictures and mine is probably much worse but not anymore.  Also with the cream you gave me a paper with do's and don'ts. My doctor couldn't even tell me which soap or shampoo to use.  It also said not to bathe if you don't have to, now it makes since.  My doctor used to tell me to soak it because it heals the cracks.. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This product is amazing and anyone with eczema needs to use it, it really works, guaranteed.
Thank you again.

Jennifer Quesnel


Ok, I've had eczema on my legs for years. the steroid prescription cream and the non-steroid prescription cream would usually prevent flare-ups but once I was
in the middle of one, they both struggled mightily to keep it under control.  So I was kinda at wits end so I bought your product after looking at the website. Well
it works exactly as advertised.  I don't know how you do it, but my legs look normal.  I don't really think I should say thank you for selling me something, but
thank you for developing this product.  This was probably the best 30 bucks I've ever spent.  It's incredibly reassuring to bring something as chronic and nagging as eczema under control.  It helps you focus on other parts of your life.  If you're reading this, don't hesitate.  Buy it.  It's good. 

Dan W.

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